Psychic Life of James van Praagh


James van Praagh was raised and had his early life in New York’s Bayside City. Van Praagh is the youngest member of four children. James admitted to being labeled as a generally average child. However, even during his early life, he showed intense fascination in the topic of death. Van Praagh was raised as a devout Catholic. When he was very young, he served as the altar boy of their Church. At a young age of 14, James finally entered the seminary. However, after some time that he spent in the seminary, he lost interest in the Catholic faith. Instead, there was this hunger that he had in the area of spirituality. This love for the otherworld started to grow within him. Unfortunately, he cannot find any institution or school that will help him develop such abilities and vocation. Still, he maintained his desire to become more adept about the spirit world.

Actually, the fascination by James Van Praagh about spirits begun to flourish in him when at an early age, he confessed to seeing a huge, illuminating hand that appeared in his room while he was in the middle of his prayers. According to James van Praagh, it was considered to be a peaceful and exhilarating encounter. Immediately after James finished his high school education, he pursued his college studies. He graduated with a Communications degree from the famous San Francisco State University. Actually, he can be proud that if has able to use his degree after college, but only on a limited capacity. After he graduated, James van Praagh decided that he wanted to be based in Los Angeles, California. It was here when he had the chance to work in the area of psychic phenomena.

At 24 years of age, James van Praagh realized that all the promises of the huge hand that appeared before him were realized. Early on, he wanted to use his college degree, which is why he decided that he wanted to become a comedy writer. Still, it was not until much later that he decided to become a truly successful medium on Television. Unfortunately, because of his ailing mother, he was not happy with the successes that he enjoyed. Because his mother was the one to prodded James to try finding success on Television, he cannot fully enjoy his accomplishments at all if only because his mother was not in a good state of health. These days, James van Praagh is one of the most popular spiritual mediums in the United States. He is certainly a well-loved teacher, author and psychic. However, most of all, he is certainly a very famous personality for his skill, which is to be able to help the living communicate with the dead, whether a family member or loved one.






James van Praagh – Expert Medium for the People

James van Praagh is a man who has a natural and easy outlook towards his life and that of everyone else. People will be convinced and made to believe that James is simply having a conversation to a long-lost loved one or friend on the telephone. But, actually he is communicating to a spirit from the beyond. James van Praagh is very popular as a survival-evidence medium. This type of medium is one that works to effectively bridge any gap the two existing planes in the world; and this is the plane of the living and that of the spirit. Van Praagh offers strong evidence of proof that insists of the existence of life after death. He does it via strong and detailed messages. This medium also explains that he is an effective clairsentient. In this case, James is acknowledged to having clear and strong feelings when it comes to the emotions and personalities of the dead.

James Van Praagh also considers himself as a highly successful clairvoyant. He defines the abilities of a clairvoyant to be supernatural. A clairvoyant, according to him, is someone who fully utilizes his sense of touch and feeling. As a clairvoyant, James van Praagh is able to see through the supernatural world. Actually, a clairvoyant is someone that Van Praagh describes to be similar to the medium character as portrayed by actress Whoopi Goldberg in the movie Ghost. According to this well-loved medium, the true essence of a message from a dead person is the fact that there is immense feeling and emotion behind it. Needless to say, Van Praagh is known in the supernatural world as a genius who decided to take full advantage of his psychic abilities, specifically in clairvoyant supernatural powers.

James van Praagh is a major authority when it comes to performing supernatural acts. He has these unique abilities for most of his life. James is very much aware that spirits of the departed communicate using their emotions. According to van Praagh, there are no specific words that existed in the English dictionary, which can properly describe the intense feeling and exhilarating sensations that any person is able to experience once he is able to communicate with the dead. During such communication, the personalities of the living persons and the dead become important part of the process. For instance, if the person was a talkative individual while he was still alive; it is but natural that now that he is a spirit, he certainly wants so many things to say during the communication. Because of his successes as a medium, the popular of van Praagh to the general public became all the more pronounced. He was the hot choice when it comes to personalities that need to speak about this psychic isues and matters on Television shows.




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